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While you may not be able to get the traffic you could a few years ago with a meta tags filled with keywords they still give Google and your visitors and idea of the benefits of going to your page in the search results as opposed to clicking on someone else’s. And that is the main thing you want to achieve by a well written meta tag.

Keyword tag

The keyword tag is probably the one that gets ignored now because of how people have abused it in the past. It was just filled with keywords and it helped you get your site to the top of the rankings but that is no longer the case. But in saying that,it may still be something that gives major search engines an idea what your page is about even though it does nothing for your rankings.

Description tag

While this tag also won’t do much for your rankings it is what people see when they find your site listed in the search results. This is where you have to think about pleasing a human rather then trying to please the search engines. If your page solves a problem for someone then put a benefit of them clicking on your listing in the description. This is your first and last opportunity to give the searcher exactly what they are looking for.

Don’t just tell them what the page is about. If it fixes something for them then tell them why and also mention their problem in the few words you get to make them click on your listing. Then when they click on your page you want to have something related to your description mentioned in the first paragraph. If you just try and trick them into clicking on your site and then you don’t fulfill your promises in your text then they will just click on the back button.

Clicking on the back button

When people click on your site in Google it tells the search engine that people like your site. If they are clicking the back button straight away then that tells Google that they have you listed incorrectly and your page will drop. If this happens to all your pages then your traffic will diminish.

That is why it’s important to have a description meta tag with a benefit in it and then you need to start telling about the benefit in the first paragraph on your page.
It’s not just the meta tag that will get you more traffic that will earn you an income. You also have to keep the visitors on your page/site.

You just have to be a bit different

If you’re a little bit different with what you do, especially in the description tag, then you’ll start getting more qualified traffic from the search engines. Once you back up what you say in your benefit filled description then you’ll keep them on your site and they will be a potential customer.

Good luck. :)

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