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Unless anyone knows exactly where they are going or have a list of bookmarks to go through, the first place they usually go to is a search engine when looking for information on a particular subject. Search engines are very good at giving people 10 sites that satisfy their need, and I say 10 because not many people go beyond the first page of results. THey will usually refine their search term, and this is why it’s important to get your site the authority it needs to get on the first page of results for the term that you have based a particular page on.

So in saying that, a search engine is a crucial part of your business no matter what business it is. If no one ever finds your website then you won’t get much traffic. And if you don’t get much traffic you won’t have much of a business or income and you’ll soon feel like giving up. This is where getting to know your search engines comes in, and that is, getting to know what they want so they put your site’s pages on the first page of results so more people visit it.

Create good quality content

The most important thing you can do is create content that is high in quality and create it on a regular basis. Too many people try and game the system by using content found on other sites just so their own website is updated regularly. The problem with this is that the new content on their site is old to Google and it will be in competition with the site they have copied it from. That is as well as it being in competition with everyone else and it will not get a good ranking. It may be an easier method of making a a site bigger, but it is pointless.

If your content is unique and fresh then it has a much higher chance of getting to the first page, and it will also have more change of containing new information that no one has read before. THis will keep your visitors on your site and they will be more inclined to have a look at other pages that they can learn something from.

Do your own research first

If you’re going to create a page on a subject then look up that search term first and see what Google is putting on the first page of results. That will give you a clue as in what Google is looking for, and you’ll also be able to create something that is much more valuable than what is there at the moment. You don’t have to get that keyword on the page as many times as possible, you just have to give as much information about that subject as you can. That will keep people on the page and Google will see that and that will make your page stay at the top of the rankings.

If too many people click the back button after entering your site then that will cause it to drop down the rankings.

Google +1

If you have a Google +1 button on your pages/posts then that is another way you can get your visitors to tell Google that your page has good content on it.

Facebook like

Having a Facebook like button may not tell Google how popular the page is but it will add to the exposure your site gets when people share it with their Facebook friends.

Learn more about getting more Facebook likes and Google +1s here – Click here.

It’s up to you

Once you know how to get more traffic to your site via the search engines it will have a positive effect on your income.

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