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  1. Lawrence Wray says:

    Awesome video. Good luck with number 3.

  2. A fascinating enterance to your tale. I tell Tales of the Ferryman on my Blog. They are a gift to those who pass by. I write SF and have written 6 books and am on my 7th(Molock’s Wand.). Whether I can drum up enough sales to get this one out and published I just don’t know. I wish you well with your writing! Its not easy getting sales! I have been re-tweeted to hundreds of thouands of people whose wallets stayed inside a water tight box!I’m 70 so I shall not be here much longer maybe 10 more years if I am lucky! So I decided to spend some of my children’s inheritance and see what I could do with my books! So far not very much! I love to write as it keeps my mind active. I hope that you do well. – Barry.

  3. am a writer myself, though not as impressive as you seem to be! Wow!! I wish you sincere luck in your endeavor, mostly in the writing and publishing world-

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