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It’s without a doubt that anyone who wants to get more traffic to their blog or web site has to do keyword research and look for phrases that their target market is looking for. If this is not done then everyone else who is looking for what their target market is searching for will be taking your potential traffic from you. And if you want to make money online then that is the last thing you’ll want to happen because they will be taking your income as well.

Is it easy

Looking for keywords is a lot easier than a lot of people will want you to believe. They’ll like to sell you expensive tools or be an affiliate for one of them but all you need is the Google keyword tool and that is free to use Click here. All you need to do is a Google search for it and you’ll be where you need to be to get started. You’ll soon have a list of phrases to use that will help your blog/web site have pages created that will have Google offering them to the searchers in the search results.

The first thing you need to do is put your main phrase in the box at the top of the screen. Underneath you’ll see a box you need to tick so you only get terms that are closely related to yours showing in the list that Google generates. There are a couple of boxes on the left hand side ( broad, exact and phrase ) and you can experiment with those to see if they give you some more ideas.

What you need to look for

You’re not going to be just looking for any phrases, you’ll want the ones that people are searching for that have less competition. The keyword tool at Google will tell you if the competition is high and how many monthly searches there are for it. So you need to look for keywords with low competition but have enough monthly searches to make it worth your while creating a page about them.

Wordtracker also has a free keyword research tool here Free Wordtracker Tool and they also have a paid service you can use if you want your research to be more extensive.

It gets easier

Once you start getting more traffic to your blog or web site you can look at what people are using to find your site in your traffic reports. This report will also give you more ideas for new pages. If the page they have arrived at doesn’t answer the question that has been typed into Google then you can create a another page that answers that question for them. That way Google will then direct your visitors to that page in future when they are looking for the same information.

A traffic tool such as Statcounter will give you lots of information about the traffic that you’re getting to your site. Things such as what keyword they use, what page they landed on, how long they spent on your site, etc. All this information will help you build a better site for your visitors and hopefully turn them into regular visitors if you have that type of site that requires that.

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2 Responses to Quick Lesson In Keyword Research

  1. Cat McMahon says:

    Thanks, Jack, for simply and clearly telling how to conduct keyword research. So many bloggers bury the message in rhetoric. Mining through the “blah, blah, blah” for those golden nuggets takes too much time and work for those of us who are busy writing and running a an online business. Better yet, you gave me a bonus, “If the page they have arrived at doesn’t answer the question that has been typed into Google then you can create a another page that answers that question for them.” Impressive!

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