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Writing content regularly for your blog is just as important as writing GOOD content for it. Google now prefers blogs that have their content updated on a regular basis, and is more likely to push those blogs to the top of the search results. That is however, you do everything else correctly that pleases Google. Just creating regular content that no one is interested in, or doesn’t hang around long enough to read, won’t get you where you want or need to be.

Getting in a habit

The easiest way to start adding content on a regular basis is to get in the habit of doing it. If you have a full time job away from your online business then you have all day to think about your next page or post. If you make a few notes during the day and you create five good points to create your page around then you only have to think up around a hundred words for each of them and then you have your page created. With a bit of fine tuning during the time you’re writing you’ll have a nice page done that people will enjoy reading.

Even if you thought about your next page for two days you will still be creating a lot of new content for your readers. And if you do take that long post new content you will find that the pages you do create will be of a higher quality. But the important part of this is you’ll still be in habit of creating new content.

If you get days where you start thinking about not doing something until tomorrow then more days will end up like this and before you know it, you will have days or weeks going by when your blog has no new content on it and you’ll start losing your regular readers. And then the next step is giving up completely so you don’t want to get anywhere near there.


If you really are too busy to get your next page out then you could use an outsourcing service and get someone to create a new page for you. Although it won’t be in your “voice” it will still give your visitors something to read. And Google will continue to see that your blog is being updated.

Guest blogging

Another thing you can do if you really can’t create any content yourself is get a guest blogger to create a new page for you. Make sure it’s someone in your niche that your readers may already know and then you’ll get the added benefit of attracting more readers to your blog that they already know. If they like the rest of your content then they could turn into regular visitors also.

All guest bloggers usually want out of their work is a backlink to their own blog so they can attract some of your visitors. And that is a bargain sometimes and it also shows Google that you link to other blogs in your niche.

Once you get into the habit and/or get help from other bloggers you’ll soon build up a following that will stay with your for a long time.

Good luck. :)

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