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With all the different types of buttons you get on web pages you should by now be familiar with the Google +1 button. Like all the other buttons it is used to show you have an interest in the page. But as a webmaster you’ll be using it on your blogs/sites so your visitors can show an interest in your page and help with its ranking.

Just like a Facebook like

This button works very similar to the Facebook like button and visitors to your site can give their vote so it makes your page look more popular as the score is kept by the button for future visitors to see. If they see others are clicking on the button to give their vote then they will probably be more inclined to do it as well.

Get your pages crawled faster

If your new pages start getting voted with your button then it will get crawled by Google a lot quicker and then it will get indexed much quicker. If you already get a lot of search engine traffic to your site then your new pages that are getting +1′d will get put in a position where they can start getting traffic very soon. The page will already be getting voted so Google will be more than likely ready to give it a good ranking.

The other benefits of this vote

When you start building up your score it also gets shown by your site in the search results. This will make your site more favorable to be clicked on even if it is not in number 1 position. This will be another way to assess your site before it’s clicked on and the higher your score then the more likely you will have your site visited. This is a vote by humans on top of your site being put up the top of the rankings by Google.

Having this button on your site will add to your other SEO efforts as you need to be doing it from all angles. Just focusing on one method to improve your traffic won’t work. It’s a vote that is cast by your visitors and Google will see this and that makes it an important piece of your SEO efforts.

Learn more about getting free Google +1′s

You can join a free service to get more retweets, Facebook likes and +1s here Click here and then your SEO efforts will start getting rewarded a lot more. With that service you can get retweets about your new pages that have the Google +1 on them and then your ball starts rolling a bit faster.

Good Luck. :)

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